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Flying with Rich People Charter is all about you. You decide your aircraft, your departure time, your in-flight catering, and much more. You are in full control of your journey and we are here to make it happen. From the Boeing Business Jet and Gulfstream 550 to the Sikorsky helicopter, you have access to aircraft suitable for any trip regardless the distance. You can choose from various types of private aircraft stationed across the globe, ready to take you to your destination at any time. Benefits include:

  • Access to VIP Lounges

  • Access to private customs and immigration terminals

  • Guaranteed privacy and confidentiality

  • 24/7 Availability

  • Concierge services

Roadshow / Events /
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Movie Promos
Government and Diplomatic Flights

Time is money and flying on a private jet saves time. It is important that you are fully ready to take on your next venture without compromising your busy travel schedule.
Take advantages of the convenience and flexibility of using a private jet. It allows you to circumvent all of the hassles of commercial airline travel. Choose to hold your business meeting 45,000 ft. in the air.
If your company owns corporate jets that are not available due to maintenance or that are unsuitable for your trip, our jets will accommodate your travel needs.

Family Travel
Remote Destinations
Pets Aboard

Whether you are planning on hosting a small private wedding at an overseas venue or a large family gathering close to home, Rich People Charter can provide you with a suitable aircraft charter to ensure your guests all make it to your big day in a fashionable manner.

  • Large selection of aircrafts to choose from for small or big groups
  • Broad knowledge of aircraft landing restrictions at remote and private islands
  • Customized in-flight catering so that you can start celebrating while you’re in the air